Reinventing Parking is a site about parking policy and parking reform everywhere. 

We write about vehicle parking policy for human settlements, large and small, all over the world. Our contributors are scattered across the globe. 

We all have our own perspectives on parking but share the conviction that most places could do much better. We believe that parking policy is important. Parking policy choices are a powerful force.

Yet everywhere there is confusion over parking choices and what they imply. 

Therefore a key aim of Reinventing Parking is to help clarify the parking policy choices confronting communities. We aim to provide "accessible parking wonkery" (to quote new contributor, Seth Goodman) and to raise the level of debate.

Our contributors here have their own strong views and are not shy to share them. But even if you don't buy into every suggestion, at least we can help you to clarify your own thinking, the choices you face, and their implications.

If you already have firm ideas on parking, this site may shake them up from time to time.

We hope also to nurture a community of people who see parking as important and who want better ways to deal with it.