Are you a Parking Change-maker? Reinventing Parking is here to help. 

The Reinventing Parking website and podcast offer ideas to help you work locally to prevent parking policy from getting in the way of all the other good things we want from our cities.  

Reinventing Parking offers real solutions to parking problems but NOT via plentiful and cheap parking. 

If you are new to the site, go here for a list of key posts to get you started. Most of the content here is by me, Paul Barter

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You have come to the right place if you too want parking success without excess.

This site explores how to make parking policy successful on its own terms AND more compatible with other important policy goals that are harmed by parking excess. Such goals include fiscally strong municipalities, walkability, safe cycling for all, sensitive urban infill, transit-oriented development, better public transport, car-lite planning, placemaking, safe and liveable streets, thriving communities, space-efficient mobility, compact cities, lower-energy transport, reduced impermeable surfaces, and affordable real-estate and housing.

Reinventing Parking is not aimed at any specific country or region. 

We write about rich places and poor ones. We look at car-dependent cities and also those where motorization is low. 

The aim is to help parking change-makers like you have more impact, no matter where you are.