Just THREE key goals for on-street parking management?

Does this street (in Chiang Mai, Thailand) have a parking problem?

It looks like it might. But thinking about street parking problems is difficult without thinking about GOALS. What do we want from each street? And what do we want from parking management in each street?

I think on-street parking management should focus on just THREE key goals

Only three? Are you skeptical? Read on!

It helps to be simple: focus on just three key street parking goals
DESIGN WELL so that parking on each street section (if indeed any parking is appropriate) is located and organized in ways to serve the key purposes of that street (such as moving people, providing access to buildings and serving as a public place). So street design takes precedence over parking design.ENFORCE EFFECTIVELY to minimize parking acts that interfere with the important purposes of the street, especially parking acts that endanger anyone.The focus should be achieving good enough behavior. PREVENT FULL PARKING using management tool…

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