Around the block: parking policy links

Here are some noteworthy parking policy links from the last few months.

This is a catch-up after a blogging-free period for me. In the meantime, I have been sharing things via twitter. Many of these are culled from my tweets

Here are the links: 

The UK's Royal Automobile Club Foundation has released a detailed study of British parking policy and practice. The 113 page report (PDF) is called "Spaced Out: Perspectives on parking policy".  Fascinating data and many interesting insights. But I suspect I won't agree with everything coming out of an automobile association. More on this some other time I hope.

Market Urbanism blog is having a guided reading and discussion of Donald Shoup's 'The High Cost of Free Parking'.  Start here, then go here, and then here.

Speaking of Donald Shoup, John van Horn at Parking Today has let loose with a series of volleys that question the 'street smarts' of the wonks behind SFPark (including Shoup). See here, herehere and here 

Two thoughtful reviews of "Rethinking a Lot" by Eran Ben-Joseph: 
-  a brief one from Mark Chase 
-  and a longer one from Design Observer  

The US Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has just published "Contemporary Approaches to Parking Pricing: A Primer".  Hat tip via the IPI Parking Matters blog where you will find a link for the download. This primer is useful! Many insights and clear explanations of the key basics and sensible innovations. And it is very readable.

A bunch of links commenting on California's push to (mildly) reform parking minimums (AB904). Sadly, the effort is now on hold until next year. These are in reverse chronological order. 
- A post mortem from LA Streetsblog
Unexpected Opposition Dooms California Parking Reform Measure (for now)
Donald Shoup's critique of California APA's view on the Bill
Michael Manville's letter to California APA  
- Market Urbanism blog is perplexed that libertarians at the Reason Foundation also opposed the bill and irritated by APA California's stand  

Felix Salmon disagrees (vigorously!) with critics of New York City's proposed outsourcing of its on-street parking pricing and management.

Is charging for parking “un-Australian”? | The Urbanist 

"All may park. All must pay. All should read". The Washington Post on Arlington's difficult but successful decision to end free parking at parking meters for people with disabilities.  

Last year, a Welsh town decided to do without parking wardens. After a year without parking enforcement, the parking chaos forced them to bring back the wardens.  

A hair raising story on the perils of being a parking vigilante in Moscow (via RIA Novosti)

Meta note:  Most of the links this time are from the western world, even though I am in Singapore and despite the fact that I visited both China and Indonesia recently! Note to self: make more effort to collect topical parking items from other parts of the world even if they don't come to hand as easily as western ones.