America's extreme parking requirements

A new parking blog, Graphing Parking, has launched with three amazing posts providing perspective on the minimum parking requirements that apply across numerous US cities. They reveal with stunning clarity the extreme nature of parking minimums in the USA.

With the tagline, 'accessible parking wonkery', it is the work of architect, Seth Goodman.

The new blog has a focus on 'infographics that are expository, accessible  and accurate' and the first three posts certainly live up to that aim.

Here is a striking example: parking requirements for restaurants. The typical American restaurant is required to provide on-site much much more space for parking than actual restaurant space!

Parking requirements for restaurants in USA cities
The other two initial posts show residential and office requirements.

Note that the data are mostly for the municipalities at the cores of US metropolitan areas. Suburban local governments tend to set higher parking requirements than core urban ones.

Don't expect perfection. Comparing parking requirements is surprisingly complicated. So I would not be surprised if a few mistakes emerge. But Seth provides a list of all his sources as a useful resource and for fact-checking.

A huge amount of meticulous detective work has gone into the first three posts. As I said, this is difficult stuff, so Seth says he is open to your input to help him improve the accuracy of the posts.

I am looking forward to more from Graphing Parking. Go check it out.