New "how to" toolkit about on-street parking basics

[UPDATE: The toolkit highlighted below is now also available in Spanish (pdf)Chinese (pdf) and Arabic.]

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In my parking work across Asia, I repeatedly hear the same questions about on-street parking management.

Questions like:
  • How can we improve parking enforcement when the situation seems hopeless?
  • Should we ban on-street parking altogether?
  • How can we improve our parking fees system?
  • Why is there still on-street parking chaos, despite our efforts to improve?
  • How do we set the right prices for on-street parking? 

This thirst for information suggested a need. People working on parking in low-income and middle-income countries needed an accessible 'how to' reference on the basics of on-street parking management.

I didn't need to hustle the idea. Folks at the GIZ* Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP) had reached the same conclusion! During a parking training in Delhi, they asked me to draft such a guide.

It was a long process (I would hate to tell you how long) but the toolkit was published two weeks ago.

Please take a look!  

Please also help get the Toolkit into the hands of anyone who needs it!

Here is SUTP's announcement of the Toolkit.

Here is a link to directly download the PDF

The full title is: On-Street Parking Management: An International Toolkit.  It is Sustainable Urban Transport Technical Document #14, published by GIZ-SUTP.

Many many thanks are due to all of the people who helped. You know who you are. Also see the acknowledgements page!

Feedback is welcome. It would he helpful to find any remaining errors and there is room for disagreement on certain issues, of course. 

* GIZ is Germany's international technical assistance agency. I have assisted GIZ with urban parking advisory and training work in China, India, Indonesia and Nepal.