Exciting news about Parking Reform Network and Reinventing Parking (and how YOU can help)

Reinventing Parking is now the official podcast of the Parking Reform Network!

Our first step is a joint fundraising effort and we could really use your help! Please donate and please share the word. You could also win a prize!

This partnership should let both of us serve you and your fellow parking change-makers even better and help us foster and encourage more parking change-making everywhere.

If you are not already familiar with the Parking Reform Network I will say more below.

Read more details below. Or listen to the audio version.

PRN and I plan to cooperate in various ways to make the podcast better and to help the Parking Reform Network expand its reach and effectiveness.

Our missions are already nicely aligned so this won't change the focus of the podcast. Everyone who already enjoys Reinventing Parking and finds it useful should not be disappointed. The podcast will continue to cover the whole world.

More about the fundraiser:

Please do donate if you can! And please also help us spread the word about the fundraiser.

Donations to the fundraiser can also be applied towards Parking Reform Network membership or renewal! Members from all over the world are welcome.

We hope to raise 6,000 US dollars which would enable a year’s worth of monthly Reinventing Parking podcast episodes.


To sweeten the deal, we’ve got a growing list of relevant books, all of them signed by their authors.

Every 10 dollars' worth of donations enters the donor into a raffle to win one of the books.

So far, the books on offer are these:

  • Parking and the City – signed by editor Donald Shoup, who has been an inspiration to many of us.
  • New Mobilities – the great new book by former podcast guest, Todd Litman.
  • The Quirky World of Parking – signed by author Larry Cohen
  • Arbitrary Lines: How Zoning Broke the American City and How to Fix It – by M. Nolan Gray (coming in June 2022)
  • Finally, three books by Richard Willson are on offer. If you are a raffle winner you can choose any one of this three parking-related books: Parking Reform Made Easy, Reflective Planning Practice, or Parking Management for Smart Growth.

Parking Reform Network

I promised a little more information about the Parking Reform Network.

Fostering and catalyzing parking reform

A theme in many Reinventing Parking episodes is that parking policy improvements typically happen only after a concerted effort by people who understand and care about the harm that conventional parking approaches do.

Sometimes this push comes from insiders who change policies from within governments. But in many cases, such as in our episodes on Mexico City, Portland and Auckland, coalitions of people and organizations both outside and inside government made the difference.

Typically, we see that a small group of people does their homework on parking and catalyses the campaign by showing how parking is relevant to the goals of people focused on issues such as road safety, public transport, walkability, safe bicycle use, placemaking, housing, urbanism, air pollution, climate change and many others.

Parking Reform Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging that kind of effort. Its goal is to support networks of parking reformers. It educates about the impact of parking policy on climate change, equity, housing, and traffic.

It works to inspire parking reform, the changes that can improve our mobility choices and make our cities, suburbs and towns better by discouraging the building of too much parking and by encouraging more equitable, efficient and sustainable management of existing parking. If parking is in high demand, it shouldn’t be free. Builders and businesses shouldn’t be forced to build arbitrary amounts of car parking.

Why and how to get involved

Personally, I find it a great resource. PRN's online library of resources is great and its Slack gives access to insights and advice from a host of other parking reformers. The Parking Reform Network recently released on its website an updated map of cities that have eliminated parking mandates around North America. We would welcome contributions from other regions of the globe too! Volunteers are working on other forthcoming resources too.

Parking Reform Network started in Oregon in the United States but is keen to foster networking on parking reform around the world. I am helping with that, especially through this podcast. Please get in touch if you want to help too!

If you donate to this fundraiser, please also join the Parking Reform Network. You will be supporting parking reform efforts and you will be able to connect with parking reformers in your community. If there isn’t a parking reform organization where you live, Parking Reform Network can help you start one!

Visit the Parking Reform Network blog where you will find a link to the fundraiser where you can both donate and join the network. 

Please also share the word and encourage others to donate and support the podcast and the Parking Reform Network.

That's all for now. Look out for regular episodes in 2022!


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