Disability, Aging and Parking Reform: Win-Wins and Trade-offs

Can parking reform co-exist with justice for frail aging people and for people with disabilities?

That was a central theme of a Parking Reform Network round table event on "Parking Reform, Aging and Disability" which took place a few months ago. The event had four guests with a wealth of experience and insight on these issues.

It was a long session, but this podcast version has just 27 minutes of highlights. I hope you find it as interesting and informative as I did. 

For the full video and for more detail on the event and its four panelists, Cassie Wilson, Corallete Hannon, Megan Lynch, and Anna Zivarts, head over to the excellent article by Taylor Griggs on the PRN website.

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PRN poster showing the faces of the panelists for the Round Table on Parking Reform, Aging and Disability

Listen to the audio episode here: 


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