Parking reform and newly motorizing cities

Reinventing Parking this time is 25 minutes of edited highlights from my appearance on the OoruLabs Talking Heads podcast.

OoruLabs is an Indian podcast and Youtube channel hosted by Sathya Sankaran and Knerav Kodolikar, who kindly gave permission to adapt the interview, which was their episode 16 (Youtube version). 

Our topic was parking reform for the Indian context. 

But that means it's also relevant for almost any middle income and lower income city or anywhere where private motor vehicle ownership is surging but for now remains relatively low. 

For cities in that situation, parking policy choices are potentially pivotal and will likely play a big part in shaping each city's urban mobility destiny.

Listen with the player below. Or subscribe to the audio podcast. This is the official podcast of the  Parking Reform Network.

Reinventing Parking is the official podcast of the Parking Reform Network. Visit the PRN website or follow PRN on social media to catch up.  

Decent parking management efforts in Brigade Rd, Bengaluru

OoruLabs is a weekly show with a focus on urban sustainability in India and especially the city of Bengaluru, formerly Bangalore.  

In this episode we talked about:

  • How parking policy can start going wrong as vehicle numbers rise.
  • Why is it so important that cities manage their on-street parking?
  • Japan’s experience with parking is reassuring.
  • The idea of car dependence and how i got interested in parking issues 15 years ago or so.
  • What difference can civil society make to improve parking trends?
  • Change parking mindsets but also take action! Parking mindsets change in the process of acting on parking reform.
  • And finally, we can get the prices right without harming the poor sections of society.

Thanks again to Sathya and Knerav at OoruLabs. 

Listen to the audio episode here: 


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