We gamified parking reform

Seven or eight years ago, I gamified on-street parking management by devising a simple board game. The game helps players feel the amazing power of parking fees and parking enforcement in a surprising and fun way.

[UPDATE: You can now download the Parking Game materials and adapt them, print them, and use them yourself. Many thanks to Shreya and her Urban Works colleagues for working so hard to make it available.]

Since then, the Urban Works Institute in India has adapted and improved the game and has been using it effectively in parking reform trainings and workshops.  

So for the Reinventing Parking podcast this time, I spoke with Shreya Gadepalli, who leads the Urban Works Institute and is one of India's foremost urban mobility experts. She regularly leads parking game sessions for participants in parking policy trainings or workshops across India.

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One iteration of the parking management board game, as improved by Urban Work Institute, India.

Along the way, Shreya mentioned some striking results from a forthcoming in-depth Indian Parking Reform Roadmap study by Urban Works (see below). We also discussed progress on parking management in India.

COMING SOON: We promised to provide links to downloadable resources on the game. 

SCROLL DOWN for highlights from a presentation by Shreya with some details about the game as well as some key early results from the Parking Reform Roadmap study.  

Participants of a parking reform workshop in Gujarat preparing to play a recent version of the game.

Here are highlights from a presentation by Shreya

It includes some information about the game as well as early key results from the Parking Reform Roadmap study that were mentioned in the episode.


Listen to the audio episode here: 


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